With record numbers of Australian consumers now shopping online, Sendle is predicting a spike of up to 25% in parcel volumes over the peak season sales events in Q4.

“This data validates that consumers will take advantage of sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday as a way of snagging a bargain, which is especially important in the current economic climate,” Sendle Australia managing director, Laura Hill said.

“This sales period is an opportunity to do early Christmas shopping at a discount while avoiding last minute festive stress, and we know that many shoppers prefer to do their shopping online to find the best deals.

“We know that nine in ten of the year’s best-selling days in e-commerce occur during Q4, which goes hand-in-hand with postage. For businesses to make the most of the sales campaigns, it’s critical that they’re getting the best deal from their shipping provider.”

Sendle’s Ship & Save program delivers savings of up to 55% as a reward for shopping around, and the more you ship, the more you save.

“This peak season, we’re encouraging everyone to get prepared early, take advantage of the discounts available and be kind to delivery drivers who are on the front line,” Hill added.

The WOD Life founder and director, Ben Dineen is feeling confident that customers will take advantage of the great deals during the holiday period.

“We certainly felt the decrease in customer confidence arising from the sharp inflation and rising cost of living increases earlier in the year and as a business we have suffered as well with sharp increases in costs across our entire business, so we had to work on ensuring we were providing a great product and also great service. Thankfully we feel that the worst of it is now behind us,” he said.

“Holiday season, is when we do around 35% of our sales thanks to the sale events and nature of customers looking to purchase products for loved ones and to treat themselves a little.”

The Sneaker Laundry founder, Eugene Chang believes customers are ready to spend and much warmer to making purchases now than outside of these sales periods.

“For many e-commerce retailers, it’s the make-or-break time of the year and we have to pre-plan for this months ahead. We’ve found that despite the increased competition and saturation of advertising during peak seasons, it’s still cheaper and easier to convince someone to make a purchase,” she said.

“Because we have both a product/e-commerce channel, as well as a bricks-and-mortar services channel, we do see a spike in Q4 albeit not phenomenal compared to other retailers. During periods such as Christmas, we find people are in the mood to just purchase and not run errands such as dropping their sneakers off for a clean.”

Consumers are discerning and seeking genuine value for money during end-of-year sales, according to NON Products founder, Jacqui Afflick.

“Brands offering substantial value, rather than simply clearing old inventory, will likely experience better returns. As an e-commerce brand, NON products place a premium on delivering value,” she said.

“In addition to percentage discounts, we frequently offer gift-with-purchase over a certain threshold, which resonates well with our customers. For many, end-of-year sales are the moments they’ve been waiting for to invest in trusted brands. Our customers perceive our products as essentials, not discretionary items, motivating them to stock up during these sales.”

In the early days of participating in Black Friday sales, Afflick admits that the company lacked a well-defined strategy. While it did boost revenue, NON Products missed the chance to harness its full potential, particularly in customer data collection.

“Our product doesn’t rely on seasonal sales for inventory clearance, so we’ve shifted our approach. Black Friday has become an opportunity to reward loyal customers with special offers on the products they love and frequently purchase. Simultaneously, it’s perfect for acquiring new customers and expanding our customer base for future marketing endeavours.

“While revenue remains a significant aspect, our focus now extends beyond that. We’ve implemented active retargeting strategies, primarily via email, to ensure we retain and nurture the relationships we establish during the Black Friday sales period. It’s not just about the immediate revenue boost; it’s about long-term customer engagement and growth.”