An underwriting agency, Fuse Fleet has launched a new mobile app for insurance brokers delivering improved driver safety and fairer premiums. Fuse Fleet is one of Australia’s only providers of connected insurance combined with advanced claims management solutions and technology.

Across the Australian market, three-quarters (75%) of fleets are not yet covered by insurance that connects safety and claims. The new app can be introduced by brokers and downloaded by such companies to trial the benefits of having insurance connected to driver safety. The app also provides brokers with an easy way to offer potential new customers a preview of the benefits of a connected solution before making a longer-term commitment. 

Fuse Fleet director, Luke Kelly said, “We recognise that every driver on the road has a unique driving style, and this doesn’t change just because you’re behind the wheel of your boss’ vehicle. Our data has found that 15% of drivers rate as high risk drivers and 85% rate as low risk. It’s essential that insurance premiums accurately reflect each driver’s safety level to mitigate accidents and promote fairer premium pricing.”

Through their partnership with Greater Than, Fuse Fleet’s technology has become key to uncover driving risk insights from existing fleet data. Using advanced pattern AI technology, Greater Than converts Fuse Fleet’s GPS data into a personalised Crash Probability Score for every driver. Fuse Fleet then uses these risk insights to provide fleets with safety feedback and recommendations to reduce crashes and price client premiums accurately.