Provider of the leading cloud-native distributed Order Management System (OMS), Fluent Commerce, has released the next-generation Fluent Store web app, powered by Fluent Order Management.

Developed in response to client demand, the modern, highly configurable web app helps retailers and brands increase staff productivity, reduce training time and order errors, as well as increase pick and pack efficiency.

Fluent Store was designed to allow business owners to configure the user experience for a faster, lower cost rollout and help accelerate development of new components, without a technical background. Fluent Store also allows for configuration of a custom pick and pack process.

In addition to support for a tailored pick and pack strategy, Fluent Store also provides support for store-to-store shipping and receiving, BOPIS/Click & Collect, BORIS/Return in Store, and more.

Store formats vary based on location. At a smaller store, it may make sense to pick by order, while at larger stores it is more efficient to pick by item, location, or product category.

Stores must balance picking and packing orders with servicing their in-store customers. It is important for staff to view which orders need to be ready for pick up quickly, and which can wait.

Similarly, stores without dedicated staff to pick and pack orders rely on their store staff to do so, taking them away from customer interactions and leading to labour and time inefficiencies.

Staff also need a seamless way to process returns. While traditional store fulfilment tends to be very rigid, staff should have the ability to create, view and manage the return of orders quickly, regardless of delivery channel.

Store staff need access to the application(s) necessary to serve the in-store customer and handle an array of needs, from picking and packing to transfers and returns. Staff should have access via their preferred device—mobile, tablet or desktop—to increase productivity.

“Clients were clear in their requests for an in-store solution that’s easy for associates to use while being highly adaptable to business needs. We are proud to continue to set the global standard for omnichannel order management,” Fluent Commerce senior vice president of product, Agnes Schliebitz-Ponthus said.