As the Christmas season approaches, retailers and consumers are seeking ways to reduce their costs. Given the current economic climate, minimising shipping costs during the holiday season is imperative to providing your customers with the merriest delivery experience possible.

Last year, Christmas spending exceeded all industry expectations, hitting $74.5 billion dollars.[1] This year is a little different with 11 million Aussies taking action to deal with the rising cost of living.[2] Businesses should be making it as easy as possible for consumers to shop online this Christmas season and that starts with reducing delivery costs.

Here are our tips for doing just that.

1. Open a business account and login for discounts

By simply opening an account with FedEx Express, you become eligible for discounts on both current and future deliveries.3 It’s a win-win situation: you save on shipping costs, and your customers benefit from your cost-effective approach.

2. Choose the most cost-effective shipping options

Not every shipment requires priority shipping; especially for consumers pre-ordering their Christmas gifts. To keep your shipping costs in check, consider premium services like next-morning or day-definite shipping only when there’s a clear and urgent need. For other shipments, explore cost-effective alternatives to save money on import and export shipping.

3. Go online to avoid budget surprises

No one likes unexpected costs, particularly at a time of economic uncertainty. Shipping can become a headache when you forget to add a value estimate in your shipping documents, provide incorrect delivery addresses, or miscalculate freight prices. Take advantage of FedEx online shipping tools to quickly and easily calculate your shipping costs, ensuring accuracy and transparency.

4. Pack your shipments efficiently

Efficient packaging is not only responsible, but also budget-friendly. It ensures that your shipments are protected without taking up unnecessary space, ultimately leading to the lowest possible shipping rates. Keep an eye out for pricing and special promotions that may be unique to certain markets. Seizing opportunities like these can further reduce your costs.

We There are range of shipping supplies at your disposal to choose from for your specific requirements including reusable packaging.

5. Move to sustainable packaging

Consider the use of green packaging options as responsibly and sustainably as possible. The reusable packaging will not only reduce the environmental footprint, but also and cut waste of the packaging. Finding the right sustainable packaging solution for your situation isn’t difficult as there are various packaging options available in the market that are reusable and recyclable.

International shipping doesn’t need to be another financial burden this Christmas. By implementing these strategies, you can streamline your shipping processes, minimise costs, and enhance your customers’ satisfaction.

Peter Langley is regional vice president of FedEx Express Australasia.

[1] Australian Retailers Association – 2022 Christmas Spending Data

[2] Finder – Cost of Living Research

3 Discounts and promotions are subject to change.