With rising interest rates and cost-of-living, Australian shoppers are searching for more cost-effective ways to maintain a modern and stylish wardrobe.

Australian fashion designer and founder of fashion label, SELF. the label, Danielle Dona Sghaby, is spearheading the power of slow fashion through her commitment to sustainability and thoughtful collections that are enduring and affordable.

“Slow fashion embraces the opportunity for consumers to wear items that have longevity because of their design versatility and ability to outlast short-lived trends,” Dona Sghaby said.

“SELF. the label not only provides customers with the ability to keep garments in their wardrobe longer, but they are also created in a way that ensures they are affordable too, which is incredibly important. As consumers, we are responsible for an extraordinary amount of waste that makes its way into landfill and the ocean. Fast fashion is one of the biggest contributors to this problem but there is a way we can save the planet and our wallets at the same time and slow fashion is the answer.

“Our sales are strong and continue to grow, despite the current economic environment, as we meet the needs of a large part of the market who want to invest in fashion focused on making a positive social impact with an affordable price tag.”

With a degree in fashion business and 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, Dona Sghaby founded SELF. the label in 2020 and it has since amassed a cohort of loyal followers and customers. 

“The word ‘self’ is a pronoun for a single being; however, SELF. the label stands for diversity and inclusivity and is a love letter to women of all shapes and sizes. I believe that every girl is entitled to not only be heard, but valued for her voice, mind, and individuality,” Dona Sghaby said.

“I believe the brand is more than just fashion. It represents women breaking free of their past and forging a path for themselves, a metamorphosis from the past to present. It is cultivated by women who have worked within the fashion industry and saw the need to make a change for the better because of the toxicity of the industry and community. My objective is to create a safe and nurturing environment for young and aspiring individuals who wish to pursue a career in fashion.

“Our focus is to ensure that women have a wonderful collection of affordable quality pieces that work across many seasons and aspects of their life including work, casual outings, shopping, cocktails and dinner. This is what we mean by slow fashion. We create styles that will endure and be highly versatile. You want to keep them in your wardrobe forever.”