Australians are becoming more mindful shoppers, with more than half (51%) of consumers agreeing that shopping pre-loved is ‘in’ for 2024, according to eBay’s latest Recommerce Report, which explores consumers’ stance on recommerce across categories, including its importance, trends and sentiment.

More than four in five (84%) Australians said they have bought or sold pre-loved goods in the last 12 months. Across the age groups, Australians aged 18-24 are most likely to have bought pre-loved goods in the last 12 months (64%), while those aged 35-44 are the most likely to have sold pre-loved goods in the last 12 months (63%).

Close to one in five (15%) Australians said one of the main reasons they buy pre-owned goods is because pre-owned goods are often better quality than newer items, while over 13% said it’s because they can profit from reselling them.

The top five reasons consumers buy pre-owned goods are to save money (66%), sustainability/environmental benefits (25%), they are looking for a specific item they can’t find in new condition (23%), they can afford the brands they want when they are pre-owned (20%) and they’re looking for a unique or collectible item (20%).

The top five items being purchased are clothes (40%), home and garden (29%), books (26%), tech/electronics (18%) and collectibles (18%).

eBay Australia head of collectibles, Alaister Low said, “The 2024 eBay Recommerce Report reveals the circular economy is just as important to Australians as it is to us. But what’s also interesting is the research tells us that two-thirds of Aussies are looking to reconnect with their hobbies and interests7. We know shopping pre-loved is a passion for many Aussies who enjoy the hunt for unique gems that express their style or complete their collection of whatever they love.

“eBay has been a driving force behind recommerce since its inception in 1995, and we continue to invest in ways to make it easier than ever for Aussies to buy and sell their pre-loved or refurbished items.”