DoorDash and Wing have developed the capability to make drone delivery available via the DoorDash app in Australia, delivering convenient access to food and essentials from local restaurants and retailers in 15 minutes or less.

The service will be tested via a pilot program in Logan, located within the South East Queensland region. The partnership, a global-first for both companies, will be the first time that Wing is integrating its drone delivery service within another marketplace, giving eligible DoorDash customers access to on-demand drone delivery by Wing. 

DoorDash and Wing will pilot the drone delivery service in select suburbs in the Logan community, delivering a range of convenience and grocery items, pantry staples, snacks, and household essentials. 

Eligible DoorDash customers will be invited to participate via the DoorDash app. Customers can place their order through the DoorDash Air store in the app, selecting Drone Delivery when prompted, and within 15 minutes, their purchase will be delivered by drone.

DoorDash Australia general manager, Rebecca Burrows said, “We can’t be more excited to be at the forefront of drone deliveries. Wing affords our customers the convenience and speed of air travel deliveries, of the local products and brands they know and love.”

“Drone delivery can provide an excellent complement to our ground delivery services. Delivery drones create a quick, efficient delivery option for smaller orders weighing just over a kilo, and free up ground delivery services for larger deliveries that provide better compensation to drivers.

“This partnership will bring the most popular delivery bundles that customers can expect to receive in less than 15 minutes.”

Wing Australia general manager, Simon Rossi said as Australia’s first on-demand drone delivery service, Wing is investing in a range of local pilot programs, designed to help enable drone delivery at scale, and bring delivery to more Australians. 

“We’re excited to be extending our drone delivery capability by making it available to customers through the DoorDash app, offering DoorDash customers added convenience,” he said.

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen an acceleration of consumer demand for fast, contactless delivery options, and now people expect quicker, on-demand access to food, medicine, and convenience items.

“While Wing has traditionally provided delivery services directly to residential and business customers, to further accelerate our technology development, we’ll be increasingly working with marketplaces and logistics partners to expand their delivery options, making fast drone delivery affordable and sustainable for them, and their customers.”