Dinnerly, one of Australia’s most affordable meal kit brands, and part of the Marley Spoon group recently announced an Aussie meal kit first with a Price Freeze on its core menu offering. Launched in April and set to continue through until the end of September 2023, Dinnerly’s Price Freeze will give Aussie households a reliable way to budget better during a time of inflation and cost of living hardship.

The brand’s latest research of one thousand Aussies revealed ‘good value for money’ is the number one driver when it comes to putting meals on the table, ahead of ease, freshness, health and quality; highlighting the importance of Dinnerly as a great solution to help Aussies navigate ongoing price inflation and cost of living challenges.   

Marley Spoon launched with just one brand in 2015 in Australia with a vision to bring fresh and easy cooking back to the people while building a waste free supply chain. Launched with just 7 recipes and now offering 50 plus easy recipes every week, we realised that we weren’t true to our vision by only serving medium to high income households.

Marley Spoon developed Dinnerly to address this issue. We now have a product dedicated to helping low and medium income households that allows them to eat quality, tasty and healthy food at prices same or better than supermarkets. After acquiring Chefgood, Marley Spoon improved our ready-to-eat category, which is also in line with our vision to enable our customers to eat healthy meals, meeting their needs in whatever financial situation they find themselves in.

We serve our customers all across the country from three fulfilment centres in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. We directly employ over 500 team members and indirectly many more at our suppliers and partners. It is great to be able to contribute to the Australian economy in a meaningful way.

That’s why at Dinnerly we’re constantly challenging ourselves. With a lot of uncertainty and exorbitant food inflation of nearly 10%, as well as rising interest rates, we decided to implement a range of measures to make Dinnerly even more affordable, as well as provide certainty to our customers regarding one of their biggest household expenditures.

With the price freeze on our core range, we help our customers know exactly what their food is going to cost them this week, next month, all the way through until the end of September 2023. Our “Saver” recipe range was specifically developed to include tasty, filling and wholesome meals with even more savings, with meals from as low as $4 per plate. With “Feed A Crowd” meals, we have a range of recipes on offer with double the size than normal portions, great for having friends over or for packing lunches the next day. 

Cooking with meal kits is a behavioural change, but we’re also on a mission to bust the myth that meal kits are a luxury purchase, because Dinnerly is not only a tasty and convenient meal solution, but also a great budgeting tool — shopping with Dinnerly can be up to 35% cheaper than the supermarket*. Food waste also costs Australian households between $2,000 and $2,500 per year. Dinnerly customers can save on this too as each meal is pre-portioned with just the right amount of ingredients – a substantial saving and relief to the hip pocket while doing your bit for the environment.

In these tough times, we are committed to supporting our customers and their families and will continue to find ways to lower the cost of getting dinner on the table while keeping our standards of quality high, improving choice for our customers with more recipes and more options to customise their meals to suit their personal circumstances. 

*Claim is based on the price of Dinnerly’s recipes for Chicken Paella, Chicken Schnitzel and Korean Beef Burgers which each serve two people, compared to the equivalent ingredients for each recipe purchased at the minimum available size at a leading supermarket. Savings are based on average figures and excludes shipping fees. Sources include Woolworths retail prices (June 2022).  

Rolf Weber is CEO of Australia and COO at Marley Spoon.