DHL Supply Chain has drawn on its global technology experience to deploy New Zealand’s first Locus Robotics warehouse automation solution. 

Based at DHL’s Highbrook distribution centre to further streamline Schneider Electric’s product supply chain, the company has rolled out 10 new Locus Origin autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to collaborate with its warehouse team using the LocusOne warehouse automation platform. This deployment is a part of DHL’s ongoing partnership with Locus Robotics which will see 5,000 Locus Origin AMRs rolled out globally.

LocusOne is a data-driven system that directs AMRs to pick and drop locations around the warehouse. DHL team members assist them by picking, loading and unloading items for dIspatch.

This collaboration between team members and AMRs for warehouse throughput results in the automation of time-consuming and laborious tasks such as walking long distances to pick locations and manoeuvring pick carts. This results in faster product picking and team members can be redeployed to other tasks.

The Locus Origin AMRs feature a tablet screen and scanner to interface with team members, and eight cameras and sensors to safely navigate warehouses and around people. The AMRs operate for up to 14 hours per charge and calculate the shortest possible routes to pick locations around the warehouse.

DHL New Zealand managing director, Matt Casbolt said he is pleased to be leveraging the global knowledge within his company to deliver a more effective solution for customers in New Zealand. 

“We’ve been following the deployment of LocusOne at our company’s sites in the United States, Europe and in Australia with keen interest and we’re pleased to be introducing this technology for our customers in New Zealand,” Casbolt said.

“DHL’s deployment of Locus One in other locations has resulted in significant throughput efficiency improvements, and we foresee this technology providing genuine benefits to Schneider Electric’s supply chain. Implementing this technology also helps us to offer a more attractive working environment for our team members.”

Schneider Electric executive general manager, Ray Dunn said the company is continuing to prioritise innovation and efficiency in its operations.

“This deployment is a testament to our commitment to delivering the best solutions and experience to our customers and helping to achieve a faster order to delivery time. We are proud to be a part of this journey with DHL Supply Chain and Locus Robotics,” he said.