Dematic has completed a new automated distribution centre for the Landmark Group in Dubai, allowing the multinational retailer to consolidate logistics for part of its five existing manual distribution sites.

The new distribution centre stores and distributes garments, furniture, toys, small goods and more to nearly 1,400 of its retail stores and then directly to end consumers.

A distinctive feature of the 265,000 square metre site is a pallet warehouse with a silo design and up to 36,000 storage locations for receiving goods. Inventory not immediately needed for distribution are palletised, then stored and retrieved via four 41 metre stacker cranes with two telescopic forks. The climate-regulated high-bay warehouse stores temperature sensitive items and is equipped with a fire prevention system with an oxygen-reduced environment.

The Dematic Multishuttle system handles faster moving goods with a patented Inter-Aisle Transfer feature that makes maximum use of space with aisle-spanning exchanges and double-deep storage. One shuttle can serve between 700 and 800 storage locations and up to 15,000 totes per hour can be transported to the picking stations – the largest and fastest Dematic has ever installed.

The facility also offers enormous capacities for hanging textiles. The Dematic GOH system can accommodate up to two million garments and achieve high throughput rates of up to 250,000 items per day. The solution has more than 200 workstations with specific applications, including value added services such as customising goods for specific retailers by adding tags, branding or promotional offers.

Landmark Group chief supply chain officer, Mihin Shah said, “The automation solution designed by Dematic allows our supply chain network to now operate with enhanced efficiency, productivity and transparency. With this investment, we are advancing technological progress and taking a pioneering position in our region.”

Dematic president and CEO, Hasan Dandashly said Landmark presented an opportunity to go beyond consolidating fulfilment operations to becoming a partner in transforming their business.

“They have experienced remarkable growth in a short amount of time to become one of the largest retailers in the Middle East, Africa, and India, supplying over 2,300 businesses in 24 countries. We take pride in being the kind of resource that Landmark would trust to streamline their operations to meet current demand and prepare for future success.”