International sporting goods retailer, Decathlon has expanded its global concept, Second Life, to Australia, providing a system for the recycling of Decathlon items. Decathlon Second Life is being rolled out to its Sydney and Melbourne stores.

According to Decathlon Australia CEO, Romain Gravigny, the retailer is bringing sustainability to life through the arrival of Second Life to its Australian stores.

“Decathlon Second Life is one of our sustainability initiatives that we hope will inspire positive change for the planet and future generations. Our mission is to make sport durably accessible for all, which means offering the highest quality and variety of sport equipment while taking care of our precious sports ground,” Gravigny said.

“We are convinced that it is our responsibility to Recycle, Repair and Reuse as much of our sport equipment as possible to prevent it from going to waste. The launch of Second Life in Australia will support our valued customers to enjoy the benefits of our products and when they are no longer needed, return them to us so we can prepare them for a new life.”

Decathlon Second Life products comprise products that have been returned by a customer, used as a test or display item, or had a small defect, but have been inspected, repaired, cleaned and put back on the shelves at a discounted price.

“At Decathlon, our products are meant to last and serve multiple generations of sport-lovers. So we are determined to refurbish and make them ready for a new adventure. We design and manufacture our own products so we know how good they are. This is the reason we stand behind the quality of our Decathlon products; they are built to last,” Gravigny said.

“We aim to be able to offer our customers a more affordable and meaningful way to acquire the things they love. As everyone becomes more familiar with Decathlon Second Life, our inventory of products will grow, enabling more people to participate and enjoy the benefits of this great program.

“Decathlon Second Life is a highly successful initiative across the globe and we are delighted to be finally launching its operations here in Australia. Each Decathlon store will have an area dedicated to Second Life where people can bring in their first life Decathlon products and also purchase Second Life products.”