has selected Blue Yonder’s cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) and labour management solution to support its ecommerce business as it prepares to open its second fulfilment centre. has been serving Australian customers through a single fulfilment centre in Victoria since 2006, but due to surging ecommerce demand, is opening another fulfilment cnetre in Sydney in Q1 2022.

Its existing WMS is no longer able to meet its shifting business requirements, so was looking for a long-term strategic supply chain provider.

By implementing Blue Yonder, will be able to improve customer service through increased efficiency and agility, deliver stability and scalability to support future growth, reduce cost to serve, enabling lower prices and faster delivery, as well as increase employee performance and engagement. head of fulfilment, Richard Whetton said, “When we made plans to open a second fulfilment centre to better serve our customers, we knew that we needed to upgrade our WMS and labour management solutions. With Blue Yonder, we can continue our customer-first strategy of delivering what our customers need faster andat the lowest price.”

Blue Yonder’s Luminate Platform, backed by Microsoft Azure, powers the WMS that will drive change for with real-time transaction processing, optimised storage and selection strategies, and integrated labour management. There will be a standard methodology for associates to do their jobs more effectively and for operations to decrease costs, improve throughput, and increase productivity.

Blue Yonder account manager, Rod Hall said, “Today’s retail e-commerce market is challenging for many reasons and recognised that they need all parts of their business working together to serve their shoppers.

“We are looking forward to developing a long-term relationship with to help improve their warehouse operations and better manage their warehouse labour, so that their customers can continue to experience an easy and convenient e-commerce shopping experience.”