Cadbury Australia is transforming its packaging to drive major savings in plastic and cardboard from some Hollow Hunting Eggs and Easter Gift Boxes sold in Australia and New Zealand.

Cadbury Hollow Hunting Egg plastic crates will move to 12 and 24 pack cardboard cartons, saving 131,000kg of plastic, while the plastic blister and excess cardboard in some Cadbury Easter Gift Boxes will also be removed, saving over 200,000kg of packaging.

Mondelez International vice president of marketing, Ben Wicks described the move as “one of the biggest and boldest packaging changes” made to Cadbury’s Easter range.

“Over the last two years, we have been working hard to re-design our packaging footprint, preserve the taste and quality of our Easter products, and deliver a positive change for Cadbury fans,” he said.

“The move forms part of Mondelez International’s commitment to make its packaging better for people and planet, through reducing packaging, evolving packaging, and improving recycling systems.

“We remain dedicated to providing Australians the same delicious Cadbury experience this Easter, whether you’re hunting with family members, or gifting one of our iconic Cadbury products to a loved one. We’ll be working hard to make sure people are able to find the new look packs in store as well as sharing why we’ve made these important changes.”

The company recently invested in Licella Holdings to progress one of the first advanced recycling facilities in Australia. Licella will use its innovative Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor (Cat-HTRTM) technology to recycle soft plastic waste into a crude oil suitable to produce new food-grade plastic packaging.

Earlier this year, Cadbury launched its new Snacking Right Hub, a mobile friendly digital platform providing Cadbury fans with recycling and disposal advice and information about Mondelēz International’s commitment to mindful snacking and sustainable sourcing.