Salesforce has announced that Blackmores has selected MuleSoft to help it deliver health and wellbeing solutions to Australians by enhancing its warehousing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and manufacturing processes. 

In working with MuleSoft, Blackmores has been able to scale integration and enable high reuse of API (Application Programming Interface) integrations, which has resulted in a reduction in time to market to get products to its customers and simplified integration architecture. 

Blackmores underwent a digital refresh program with MuleSoft, shifting from its previous point-to-point (PtP) integration onto the Anypoint Platform. This shift enables Blackmores to build a modern integration architecture with reusable APIs and empowers the brand to digitise its business systems, streamline business processes and logistics, and automate tasks such as inventory control and stock organisation, which are traditionally done manually.

By using the platform, Blackmores has built on existing capabilities to enhance the visibility and transparency of the business, improve speed, and maintain a high order accuracy. This enables Blackmores to efficiently deliver products to customers.

“Blackmores is a trusted brand with a strong reputation for innovative quality products that make a real difference to the lives of our consumers and their pets. We want to ensure we continually develop and expand our offerings to meet the needs of our customers and provide great experiences with every interaction,” Blackmores director IT engineering and operations, Andrew Grech said.

“By working with MuleSoft and reimagining our digital strategy, we’ve transformed our operational processes with easy-to-use tools that free up our staff’s time and help us meet business goals faster, ultimately providing our partners, suppliers and customers with richer, streamlined experiences.”