AutoStore has launched its latest innovation, the PickUpPort, a public-facing port that lets customers shop online and pick up their order directly from the AutoStore System.

This technology streamlines retail operations, negating the need for a third-party delivery/courier service to close the last mile, as well as the integration solutions that enable smooth processing of orders from retailer to delivery driver and to customer. 

“These potential cost savings and efficiencies benefit the retailer, as well as the shopper. Customers living or working near the retailer enjoy the benefits of ‘click and collect’ shopping, without the added costs associated with courier or delivery services,” AutoStore Australia and New Zealand business development manager, Jason Wu said.

“It’s important for us to help retailers stay ahead in an ever-changing industry. With the new PickUpPort, retailers can offer a hassle-free pick-up option in-store, and customers can see how robots pick, organise, and store items. When retailers adopt this technology, their customers get even more flexibility and freedom,” AutoStore chief product officer, Carlos Fernández said.

PickUpPort is an intuitive technology that doesn’t demand extensive implementation and user training. When a customer places an order and chooses in-store pickup, a controller function asks the AutoStore robot to pick the bins that contain the products. The warehouse operator consolidates the order, and the order is stored in the AutoStore System. When the customer arrives at the store, a robot will bring the bin holding their correct order items.

“We are constantly piloting and rolling out new technology. People want more flexibility, and the buy-online-pickup-in-store trend is quickly becoming an attractive alternative to last-mile delivery, since it’s simple, fast and offers a lower carbon footprint,” Fernández added.