Amazon Australia has launched its new shipping service, Amazon Easy Ship, giving sellers the opportunity to send orders directly to their Australian customers. 

Amazon Easy Ship gives sellers access to fast and predictable delivery services whether they use a warehouse or prepare their own orders. Around 11,000 Australian third-party sellers, many of them small and medium businesses, can benefit from this new offering for their seller-fulfilled orders.  

The pay-per-consignment service includes pick-up and trackable delivery through, optimised for cost and speed through participating carriers. Sellers that use Amazon Easy Ship will no longer need to configure delivery speeds manually or negotiate rates with multiple carriers.

“We recognise that many of our sellers use an omnichannel model, combining online stores with their bricks and mortar shopfronts, and some run their small businesses out of their family home,” Amazon Australia head of marketplace, Amit Mahto said.

“At a time of global uncertainty, we have responded to the needs of diverse small businesses with a secure delivery option. Amazon Easy Ship gives small business owners the flexibility and confidence to choose reliable delivery that optimises their operations.”