Acclimation has rolled out its new Warehouse Management app, designed to help customers extend their SAP deployments into the warehouse for more streamlined distribution processes.

Designed and managed by the Acclimation Mobile Logistics department, the app extends SAP solutions to warehouse users to make decisions and pick stock based on real-time data. The device-agnostic application is a cost-effective solution that lets warehouse staff more effectively and self-sufficiently manage and navigate warehousing operations without conflicting with forklifts or other staff members.

Acclimation product manager, Stephen Hall said, “Acclimation developed the Warehouse Management app to meet changing customer needs and better support its client base. We received a number of requests for spot solutions to extend SAP deployments into the warehouse space and found there was an opportunity to develop the product further for broader deployments that would benefit partners and end customers.”

The Acclimation Warehouse Management app integrates with all SAP systems, including SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP Central Component (ECC), and SAP Business ByDesign. The app uses local Wi-Fi networks, taking advantage of the security of existing network connections, and integrates data encryption to ensure ongoing security of user data.

For use in larger warehouses or warehouses with unsecured networks, the app can automatically switch over to 3G/4G mobile networks, letting users implement greenfield or seasonal warehouses without requiring specific infrastructure installations. Users can also use the app in temporary or seasonal warehouses as necessary, and can simply enter the warehouse, switch the app on, connect to the local network, and start work.

Users can also facilitate access for third party logistics providers to the app via tablets. This lets logistics providers access direct SAP updates in real time as they update stock. The Warehouse Management app also works in conjunction with existing radio frequency (RF) infrastructure for a staged decommission of ageing RF infrastructure.

Acclimation practice manager, Jason Coates said the Acclimation Mobile Logistics team has drawn on its background and deep experience in the warehouse functions of SAP to develop a well-integrated and designed and well-built application to bring more value to customers.

“Acclimation has created a highly intuitive user interface in the Warehouse Management app. The team looks forward to continuing to innovate and evolve this product to help support customers and build their business resilience now and in the future.”