Australian businesses are highly dependent on offshore manufacturing, ranking the least self-sufficient manufacturing country among the developed economy. While offshore manufacturing can provide cost benefits, we at A.H. Beard remain deeply committed to the Australia-made and owned approach, as we have for over 123 years. With over 400 local employees and producing over 10,000 mattresses each week, we’re committed to staying true to our local heritage, community and economy, too. 

Here, we explore the value of staying local in an era of globalisation and the benefits of onshore manufacturing for retailers and consumers alike,  as we elevate sleep to its highest form. 

What it means to be Australian-made and owned

For over 120 years, we’ve been proudly Australian owned and made and our origins as a family owned business have continued to shape the business. Today, more than five generations have committed to continuous innovation to ensure that A.H. Beard remains a leader in the bedding industry. These family values are infused throughout the business and embodied by the generations of employees continuing to craft A.H. Beard beds, ultimately made possible because of onshore production. 

Being Australian-made not only supports local employees and the economy, but also ensures we’re meeting strict manufacturing codes. These codes are responsible for driving the highest level of product quality, as well as workplace safety. With 96% of Australians more likely to purchase Australian-made products over other countries, it’s clear that premium quality is key for consumers and retailers alike. 

Where global tech meets local craftsmanship

With our origins as a family owned business, we hero both tradition and continuous innovation. It’s for this reason that our factory has dedicated in-house engineers and specialists working on the next state-of-the-art sleep innovations, like advanced sleep technology and AI. 

Among our master craftspeople are sleepsmiths with more than three decades of experience, honouring the century-old artisan techniques that inspired A.H. Beard’s original success. The opportunity for our sleep artisans to be on site at our factories is one of the advantages afforded by onshore production and also pays homage to tradition. 

Taking up to 10 days to craft a specialised luxury mattress using artisan skills like button tufting and hand-stitching, the end product is the ultimate in Premium Sleep support. We know that it’s our specialised tradition and heritage that sets us apart, and is why we’re so passionate about preserving our craft for future generations. 

From a manufacturing and innovation perspective, our engineers work in the same building where mattresses are produced, meaning there’s an intimate understanding of implementing technologies to scale. The outcome? Better decision making, efficiency and enhanced opportunities for innovation. 

Reducing waste with locally made-to-order

Our mission is to provide the best sleep possible on the best beds possible, in the most responsible way. Because of this, our entire range is handmade-to-order. Being made-to-order, those seeking Premium Sleep can rest assured that every mattress leaving our factory is of the highest quality.

The care taken throughout the production and manufacturing process enhances our product, drives customer satisfaction, but also ensures that we’re minimising waste. Each year, 1.8 million mattresses end up in landfill, but as a business we’ve always been committed to being a driving force behind mattress recycling in Australia. 

Sustainability is one of our key pillars at A.H. Beard, so we’re on a mission to educate the world on the benefits of premium sustainable sleep. We take great pride and responsibility in growing and evolving our business in a healthy way to ensure we make a positive impact on the world. 

Our passion for better sleep has been keeping us awake at night since 1899. As a business, we understand the importance of preserving our family values and remaining locally owned and manufactured. As a fifth-generation local manufacturer, we’re focused on highlighting local craftsmanship and innovation as Australians seek high-quality, premium products made on home soil. It’s this approach which has been the driving force behind our success and allowed us to elevate sleep to its highest form. 

Tony Pearson is CEO of A.H. Beard.