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All stores need a refresh every once in a while where you look at what can be improved, what items you need to get rid of and what still works really well. There are plenty of easy and quick options to update your store and add some value while sticking to a tight budget. Here we look at five ways to  make some in-store improvements without breaking the bank.

1. Get creative

Visual merchandising is all about creativity and how you use this creativity to build an effective display. Merchandising your store can be done by theme, colour or product.

For example, a stationery store can string greeting cards up; this can be throughout the store or just as a window display. It’s a great way to show off your stock without having people looking through racks trying to find the perfect pick. It’s easy for the store owner as well as the customer—a win-win for both.

Ladders are also a great way to showcase a variety of items using a single prop, allowing you to separate yet organise the merchandise and bring the items closer to the customer.

2. Everyone can be stylish

In today’s retail market social media has become a great promotional tool, however, this makes having quality images to promote your store vital. It’s important to style and merchandise your products to create the right atmosphere for photographs, so they will send the right message to your customers (and potential customers).

The good news is that you can do this yourself by carefully styling, merchandising and photographing your products with Instagram in mind.

3. Practice makes perfect

Consumers are crazy for all things crafty at the moment, and handmade touches are an easy and cheap way to refresh out-dated displays. Copperplate calligraphy enables you to handwrite gorgeous signs, gift cards and promotions in your store, but there is definitely an art to it. Consider attending a class (or watching a few YouTube tutorials) before progressing on to making your own calligraphic piece for your store.

4. Say it with flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? They look beautiful, smell lovely and just really liven up a space. Flowers come in many different sizes, colours and varieties and will look great in-store―you might even sell a few along the way! Why not find your creative style and play with fresh flowers and foliage for that special touch to your retail offering?

5. Wrap it up

Gift wrapping can add great value to a store. Besides helping out customers so they don’t have to frantically wrap gifts themselves on Christmas Eve, it will also add value to your product range, add to your bottom line and enhance your brand. Brush up on your gift wrapping styles, techniques and touches big and small to create a signature look!


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