Zendesk has announced Intelligent Triage and Smart Assist, new AI solutions empowering businesses to triage customer support requests automatically and access data at scale.

This allows companies to understand intent and sentiment through account-specific, data-driven models that are customised for individual use cases and drive faster resolutions.

Intelligent Triage and Smart Assist uses proprietary industry expertise and insights from trillions of customer data points and applies a vertical lens. This creates models custom to each business capable of identifying the intent, language and sentiment of each customer interaction.

This unique approach to applying machine learning creates more personalised and informed interactions to better serve customers. For example, specific inquiries, such as “I’m having problems with payment”, can be automatically sent to an agent who is equipped to handle billing for a quicker resolution, while inquiries that include language written in all capital letters or in a sarcastic way will indicate a highly negative sentiment and be routed to the top of the queue.

The new capabilities include the ability to instantly route and prioritise revenue drivers, ensuring agents are working on business-critical requests, analyse distribution of requests for businesses to better plan operations, collaborate across departments and identify improvement opportunities, automatically guide agents on how to best resolve a customer’s issue in real-time, continuously boost accuracy as the AI receives feedback on predictions and recommendations, and detect sensitive information automatically to meet compliance and security needs or extract confidential data for use in workflows.

These capabilities are offered out-of-the box, included with The Zendesk Suite Enterprise Edition, instead of requiring training or developer support.

“With this technology, we’re delivering AI tools that can be set up in under a minute to streamline business operations without needing dedicated developers or an expensive implementation,” Zendesk chief technology officer, Adrian McDermott said.

“Our approach is designed to take the burden off customer experience teams through pre-trained machine learning tools that do more, faster and with less guesswork involved. These models come ready to use instantly and continue to learn over time and become customised to each company’s operations by continuously incorporating feedback.”