WorkForce Software has become the first global provider of workforce management solutions to offer integrated employee experience capabilities with the launch of new advancements to the WorkForce Suite.

With a fully integrated set of employee experience capabilities, WorkForce Suite is designed to facilitate real-time interactions between managers and deskless employees to help drive more effective employee engagement, provide a safer and more compliant work environment and boost employee retention.

Organisations can now benefit from advancements to the WorkForce Suite that include:

  • WorkForce Experience to strengthen communication and collaboration channels, easy access to information, in-the-moment feedback, micro-training self-service and automation
  • Workforce Labour Forecasting to improve forecast models and ensure optimal staffing
  • WorkForce Scheduling for a flexible and collaborative approach to scheduling
  • WorkForce Insights to assist managers and executives to make decisions based on key performance indicators, dynamic executive dashboards, data visualisations, and real-time insights.

Workforce Software chief product officer, Joe Ross said the solution adapts to each organisation, no matter the pay rules, labor regulations, and schedules, while delivering a breakthrough employee experience at the time and place work happens.

“Enterprise-grade and future-ready, WorkForce Software is helping some of the world’s most innovative organisations optimise their workforce, protect against compliance risks, and increase employee engagement to unlock new potential for resiliency and optimal performance,” he said in a statement to Retailbiz.

“Whether your employees are deskless or office workers, unionised, full-time, part-time, or seasonal, WorkForce Software makes managing the global workforce easy, less costly, and more rewarding for everyone.”

WorkForce Software enables its customers to engage their employees, wherever they work, empowering their business to achieve their cultural aspirations and business performance goals with employee experience at the forefront.

“The Intelligent decision architecture that is built into the WorkForce Suite provides the engine for triggering real-time employee engagement through the tools that are already the most valued, daily interaction point between employees and employers.”

WorkForce Experience enables seamless communication in real-time

Several retailers in North America and EMEA use Workforce Software’s solutions and with the launch of new capabilities, the company is already seeing a lot of interest from Asia Pacific and Japan.

Designer footwear and accessories brand, Kurt Geiger began using WorkForce Experience, a component of the Workforce Suite, to drive two-way conversations and collaboration between head office and store teams designed to appeal to its younger generation of employees.

Kurt Geiger retail operations manager, Alice Millichamp said the brand needed an app to easily upload content and enable interaction. “We wanted something where people could interact and not feel like they were doing a task for work but using one of the social media apps they log into every day.”

Head office can share training videos through the app from lead product designers for team members to convey the company’s brand and product story more consistently. While stores were shut down, the group used a dedicated channel in WorkForce Experience to share acts of kindness from food drives to baking for family and friends to remain engaged.

Italian retail clothing company, Diesel looked for a way to instantly connect with staff beyond email to consolidate internal communications and task management.

Diesel visual merchandising manager, Helen Barrett said it was essential to partner with an external provider that had the technology and software functionalities in place. “This means we could focus on deploying and using the software rather than developing it ourselves.”

Now the team saves hours each day with streamlined communications and greater visibility into operations.

Deskless workers for American specialty discount retailer, Five Below, found it difficult to stay up to date on new announcements, follow directives and connect with superiors with technical and cumbersome solutions, with email and text messaging considered ‘old-fashioned’. This made it challenging to maintain consistency and compliance from store to store.

Five Below senior director of operations, Dave Sanborn said, “Our workforce is a young and trendy team, so we had to recognise that they work differently.”

Employees now receive communications and chat, connect and collaborate with co-workers or superiors in the moment through the WorkForce Experience app with real-time communication capabilities. The app helps broadcast everything from company updates to policies in case of severe weather alerts.