Woolworths Group is teaming up with Thematic to improve customer and employee experiences (CX and EX) with real-time feedback data across Australia and New Zealand (ANZ).

With Thematic’s feedback analytics platform, Woolworths can save time and use comments from customers and employees and turn the data to develop insights that drive better outcomes, while creating high impact CX and EX initiatives.

Woolworths can instantly identify and understand what’s needed to enhance customer and employee experiences, identify new issues before they escalate and track the impact of initiatives.

Thematic CEO, Alyona Medelyan said, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Woolworths Group to help them take their customer and employee experience to the next level by analysing feedback from customers and employees in a meaningful and actionable way. Our artificial intelligence (AI) technology has been trained on hundreds of millions of pieces of feedback and continues to evolve, allowing us to assist some of the world’s best brands build in-depth understanding of their customers.” 

Thematic currently works with big names like Google, LinkedIn, DoorDash and Atlassian to extract insights from their feedback data.

Thematic’s natural language processing algorithm combines with the latest advances in AI to identify and quantify what matters in unstructured feedback in minutes. Thematic’s AI discovers and organises themes in text feedback automatically after training on millions of pieces of feedback over many years.

Organisations can refine and enhance the analysis to incorporate the business lens too. Thematic is the only text analytics solution where users can directly collaborate with AI so the Voice of the Customer (VoC) themes aligns with business decision making.

In the last month, Thematic launched a chatGPT-powered feature called Theme Summary, which instantly delivers a readable summary of any theme in a dataset. Users get a specific and useful understanding of feedback without reading thousands of comments, which saves hundreds of hours. 

“Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) presents many opportunities for Thematic. Signing Woolworths serves to further sharpen our focus on the ANZ market. We’ve also recently appointed a new ANZ Country manager and we’re excited to help more companies in this region get the most from their feedback data and become truly customer-led,” Medelyan added.