The Australian online home of the baby boomer, Starts at 60, has released its 2021 Boomer Guide, incorporating consumer survey data and insights from leading social commentator and business analyst, Bernard Salt.

The snapshot of the modern digital savvy Boomer reveals that this generation is embracing life with ambition, purpose and money in their pockets.

Over-60 Australians are outspending Millennials in entertainment, auto, health, travel and almost every other category, but 94% dislike the way brands, organisations and marketers are communicating with them and 78% are willing to switch brands for a better deal or good value.

Other key insights include that two-thirds (66%) of over 60s have been online for 15 years or more and 97% for five years or more, with over 60% spending at least 10 hours per week online. Further, the vast majority (92%) actively seek out a good deal on products, 76% are curious about new products and 79% are prepared to switch brands if they find a better deal.

Brands and marketers in Australia don’t spend enough time and attention on consumers aged 60 years and over, according to Starts at 60 founder and CEO, Rebecca Wilson.

“Yet the data shows they’re shopping online more than ever. The key difference between this generation and others is they have discretionary money to spend and fewer brands speaking to them directly,” she said.

“The release of our Boomer Guide for 2021 comes at a time when the world has changed fundamentally with baby boomers one of the lesser impacted by Covid. They’ve had to delay their travel plans for now, but with stock markets at record highs and unemployment not their major concern, they’re looking for other ways to live out a fulfilling retirement.”

More than one-quarter of all Australians are aged over 60, and this number is expected to double between now and 2050.