The Warehouse Group (TWG) has implemented the Workday Peakon Employee Voice engagement platform to gauge employee engagement and experience to better understand how employees feel about the business as it shifts toward a performance-based culture.

As New Zealand’s largest general merchandise retailer, with 12,000 employees, TWG wanted to gain insight into what was happening across its many brands in stores, distribution centres and support offices.

TWG implemented Workday Peakon Employee Voice to connect with every team member and actively address ongoing feedback in alignment with the business and people strategy.

Workday Peakon Employee Voice is a continuous listening platform that provides real-time data on employee experience, sentiment, and productivity and recommendations on actions organisations can take based on the feedback.

The anonymous commentary has encouraged team members to express how they feel and know that their voice matters. This feedback is then raised and worked on with team members, positively affecting engagement at all levels.

TWG chapter lead for learning and development, Robyn Jorge said, “To get great performance, we need engaged team members, so we need to measure how engaged our teams are regularly. The reality is, enhancing our culture, living our values, and showing up all starts with each team member. We want them to know they play an important part in shaping that culture alongside us, and that starts with building trust, listening to them regularly, and acting on their feedback.

“Workday Peakon Employee Voice has allowed us to reach out to all our team members and understand what they are saying, what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s working, and what’s not. With Workday Employee Voice, we can air out any concerns, address them and then move forward as a business.”

Workday Australia and New Zealand senior regional director, Jo-Anne Ruhl added, “The Warehouse Group is leading the way in employee engagement and understanding that listening to employees is critical to business success. Having the right tools in place to hear and understand what employees are saying, analyse their comments and feedback, and then act upon it is extremely powerful for businesses in this ever-changing world and crucial to employee retention.”