STRAND is launching a new youth-focused handbag brand, AYA targeting ages 18 to 25, emphasising authenticity and affordability, while offering the latest accessory trends. It celebrates individuality and self-expression, with bags for all occasions and moods.

AYA unveils two collections yearly, with occasional updates. The debut collection features 10 designs, including signature hero bags, micro bags, totes, and lightweight nylon options. The range pays homage to Y2K and 90s fashion with mini bags, crochet totes, shoulder bags, and more.

STRAND CEO, Felicity McGahan said, “We are so excited to welcome AYA to Strand. Off the back of our success in the ‘fashion travel’ category, we have created a spirited brand that is authentic, playful and celebrates individuality at an accessible price point.  

“We are confident AYA will connect positively with the Gen Z customer. AYA celebrates the freedom of showing up as your true self, the collections encourage experimentation with self-expression. At its core AYA is an authentic, playful and versatile brand, promoting a sense of individuality and an evolving personal style.”

AYA is now available on the Strandbags Australian website with prices ranging from $39.99 to $79.99.