Design-driven platform, Squarespace, has launched Courses, enabling Australian entrepreneurs to turn their knowledge and expertise into income. 

Squarespace Courses enables Australian businesses that sell physical products and services to reach new customers by turning their know-how into passive income. From chefs selling online cooking lessons, to wellness instructors creating meditation videos and photographers teaching the basics of photography, this offering enables small to midsize business owners to scale and build their personal brand.

Squarespace product director of digital products, Tim Miller said, “Squarespace Courses act as the business inside your business: helping entrepreneurs create new value for customers, and add another stream of income in the process. Australian entrepreneurs are keen to elevate the way they engage with customers, and Courses does just that. It enables entrepreneurs to move beyond just selling physical products, to now being able to monetise their expertise easier than ever before.”

Powered by Fluid Engine, the Courses templates are fully customisable and integrated into an all-in-one platform. They come with best-in-class editing, built-in commerce functionality, marketing tools, analytics, and more.

Squarespace offers creators the ability to design, promote, and sell professional, multimedia courses; engage audiences with rich lessons and chapters, as well as a progress tracker; a flexible fee structure by selling courses individually, bundled together, or as part of a package with other content like memberships or video; and access to the Squarespace platform to create content, accept payments, monitor analytics, and leverage marketing tools.

Courses come as Squarespace has just revealed its annual Refresh for Australian business owners and entrepreneurs to monetise faster and create a strong online presence. The latest products and features from Squarespace’s portfolio include Squarespace Collections, Squarespace AI, Client Invoicing, Acuity Scheduling and more.