Australian fashion brand, Sportscraft is entering into a new category with the launch of its swimwear capsule collection, which captures the essence of adventure under the Australian sun.

Titled ‘Reflections of an Australian Summer’, the Swim Vacation Capsule is a celebration of the diverse holiday experiences cherished by all Australians. From beachside camping to luxury hotel stays, Sportscraft explores the myriad ways we create memories during the Australian summer.

Sportscraft senior womenswear designer and creative mind behind the collection, Alyse Wright said, “We reflected on our own Australian summer holidays and how that was different for everyone. For some, it’s beachside camping, renting a camper van, or a luxury hotel stay. No matter the destination, the air is warmer, the days are longer, and the scent of sunscreen and salt fill the air.”

The Swim Vacation Capsule is designed to evoke nostalgia and light-heartedness, offering a range of swimwear that is bold yet warm, eclectic yet evocative.

The collection’s commitment to both fashion and craftsmanship, ensures that each piece is modern, fun, and perfect for the Australian lifestyle.

“The Australian sunshine enhances the colours of the ocean, nature, and the sky. Our swimsuits are the perfect mix of fashion with comfort and style, with two options to suit a variety of body shapes and sizes,” Wright added.