High quality sneaker and shoe display provider, SCHUMI has unveiled its latest innovation, the SCHUMI 360° LED Crate.

Pioneering the Australian display case market, SCHUMI continues to set the standard in the growing retail segment of display and organisation in a market expected to reach US$3.2 billion by 2030[1] reaching the US, Europe, Canada, Mexico and beyond to showcase and protect sneakers.

The SCHUMI 360° LED Crate is designed for those who value aesthetics as much as functionality, accommodating up to US size 13 high-top sneakers.

Illuminated with LED colours including white, clear, green, blue, red and purple tailoring the ambiance to preference, the display is a stack and lock system compatible across all SCHUMI collections. The display supports up to 6kg and is powered by a single power cable for up to six crates. A magnetic transparent door ensures security and an unobstructed view of items.

SCHUMI founder, Carl Giaimo commented on the uniqueness of their latest product saying, “Our 360° LED Crate is totally unique to the market; there is nothing like it in the world. Like all of our products, it’s eco-friendly and redefines how personal items from sneakers to collectibles are presented with the best quality and priced products, coupled with technology to complement any home.”

The new SCHUMI 360° LED Crate is available from $69.

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