SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement has announced a number of significant updates to help marketers build and execute AI-driven omnichannel campaigns.

Delivering greater functionality, seamless integration, and improved performance through investments in omnichannel innovation, scalable infrastructure, and generative AI, the update focuses on three elements.

The first element is Omnichannel Excellence. In digital advertising, a pilot integration with LinkedIn allows brands to tap into LinkedIn’s network of over one billion users, enabling marketers to engage new audiences with personalised ads while offering lead acquisition and real-time contact import​​. The platform now supports customised URLs, enabling the use of branded domains in SMS campaigns to enhance customer recognition and engagement​​.

Beyond that, Emarsys’ Mobile Wallet feature has now been upgraded to allow post-launch modifications and the addition of an expiry date feature, giving marketers more control and creating a sense of urgency for customers​​.

The second element is Marketer Intelligence to take advantage of generative AI through Emarsys’ AI Subject Line Generator. The feature continues in an open pilot phase, enabling marketers to automate the inclusion of instant and bespoke subjects.

Marketers can also benefit from robust Event Monitoring, which provides a comprehensive breakdown of customer events. With this tool, marketers can develop a better understanding of customer behaviour and view contact-level events to troubleshoot issues like deliverability.

The third element is a Composable and Extensible Platform, allowing marketers to benefit from new Tactics including pre-built automation programs, channels and personalisation for the utilities industry, helping marketing teams execute a smooth onboarding flow for customers. Specific communications and processes for regular contacts can be automated and personalised at scale.

The Emarsys platform has been made more flexible and extensible with the introduction of additional Tactics for Mention Me, through integration with its Customer Advocacy Intelligence Platform.

Additional ​upgrades to Emarsys’ cloud infrastructure also support customers with greater scale and reliability, offering up to six times faster processing speeds for cloud-based contact segments, up to 90% faster customer data matching in Emarsys’ Relational Data system, and more secure asset distribution for clients with multiple business units.

SAP Emarsys regional vice president for revenue for Asia Pacific and Japan, Silvana Tagand said, “The Emarsys platform offers an extensive suite of tools and features designed to empower marketers, enabling them to compete in today’s dynamic marketplace.  Making AI as transparent, accessible, and easy to use ensures that marketers can leverage it effectively and responsibly. It’s the foundation of impactful campaigns that not only resonate with customers but also deliver predictable, profitable business results.”