Rivers has repositioned itself with the addition of designer brands including Dyson, Levis, Nautica, Nike, Samsung and Tommy Hilfiger, alongside general merchandise, both in store and online as part of its ‘Big Brands, Low Prices’ offering.

“At Rivers we thrive on providing exceptional value for our customers. The team have worked hard to be able to extend this price proposition to now include world famous big brands,” Mosaic CEO, Scott Evans said.

“We are excited about this and our customers are too. Our online launch of Uggs sold out in one night.”

Rivers first trialled selected Adidas and Nike footwear in 2019 and on the back of positive customer feedback and strong demand, have expanded their brand offering to include hundreds of apparel and shoe styles.

“In addition to the big brand clothing and footwear we also trialled selected designer homewares and electrical brands in stores and saw these sell out within the week,” he said.

“Rivers is a good example of listening to your customer, shifting to meet their needs while staying true to the core brand values.”

Rivers plans to rapidly expand on this strategy and bring more big brands to its customers at low prices.