Australia’s largest independent babywear brand, Purebaby is transforming its customer loyalty strategy with the power of cross-channel customer engagement solution Cheetah Digital.

Purebaby was seeking a software solution to send personalised email messages to their existing and prospective customer base and allow them to move away from ‘batch-and-blast’ customer emails.

“You have a database, you’re sending them one electronic direct marketing campaign (EDM), and that was it. With the old platform, we were not getting what we needed in terms of segmentation and personalisation. It felt as if we were not using our database to its fullest potential, so we decided we needed a change,” Purebaby CEO, Sanjay Gill said.

In July 2018, Purebaby turned to Cheetah Digital and mapped out an entire customer journey to decide which touchpoints the retailer would interact with their customers.

“During those sessions, we mapped which touchpoints were especially sensitive and important to our customers, such as when they announce they’re having a baby, to having the baby,” Gill said.

Cheetah Digital helped create a bespoke number of ‘series’ which were personalised EDMs aimed at their customers’ experience at each critical touchpoint.

“Our loyalty program is data-driven, as you come into the store, you sign up and it’s offline and online. This means a customer could walk into our store or could go to the website, sign up, and the journey will be the same,” Gill explained.  

Since implementing Cheetah Digital, Purebaby’s revenue has grown 47% compared to the prior year and its email channel has become Purebaby’s second-highest revenue-driving channel.

Through engaging with Cheetah Digital, the ‘Purebaby welcome series’ EDM has a 50% engagement rate; the ‘due date series’ EDM campaign has a70% open rate and 14% unique click rate and the ‘size-up program series’ is performing on par with the ‘welcome series’ at a 50% engagement rate.

“Within weeks of when Covid hit,90% of our sales were coming from digital, whereas previously only 10% of sales came from online retail. Our retail versus online sales has now balanced to 50/50, the digital sales have not gone backwards, they are much higher, but the retail is standing on its own,” Gill said.

Commenting on the partnership, Cheetah vice president of go-to-market for Asia Pacific, Billy Loizou said, “We’re thrilled to collaborate with such a global retail leader that is revolutionising how brands unlock the value of their data to help build meaningful, long-term relationships with their customers. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Purebaby and are excited to see how the brand continues to evolve and grow.”