Priceline Pharmacy parent company, Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (API) has partnered with research and data insights company, Roy Morgan to use its Helix Personas customer segmentation tool to improve customer insights and analytics.

API will employ the Helix tool to enhance the personalised view of each customer enabling it to provide a curated experience for its Priceline customers.

“Helix Personas uses deep psychographic insights, far beyond simple demographics, to segment consumers into targetable groups. The tool incorporates values, beliefs and attitudes which are the best predictors of consumer behaviour, so that retailers can reach customers most effectively with messages that resonate,” Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine said.

API will use Helix Personas to enhance its understanding of customer behaviour. For example, Priceline Pharmacy will analyse Click & Collect and Click & Deliver order data to enable greater insights into the behaviour and ordering patterns of its customers.

Priceline Pharmacy will use this data, sourced from customers using these ecommerce services, to design product and marketing that is relevant for each store catchment area.

This partnership with Roy Morgan is the latest in a series of partnerships and investments API has made to maintain Priceline Pharmacy’s Sister Club’s position as one of Australia’s best performing loyalty programs and the largest focused on health and beauty.

“We have evolved the Priceline Sister Club loyalty program so that the basket size of members is 42% higher than non-member customers,” API CEO and managing director, Richard Vincent said.

“Last year we announced that we’d undertaken a major revamp of our Sister Club program to provide greater benefits across our membership tiers and enable us to better reward our most valuable customers who shop online and in-store.

“Tools like Helix Personas will allow us to deliver more relevant, personalised and therefore engaging offers to our valued customers. When you combine this with our plans to upgrade our ecommerce platform, it is exciting times for our Priceline customers.”