Nike has signed a new agreement with Cognizant to transform and support its technology operations, consolidating several of Nike’s existing IT support functions with Cognizant serving Nike in over 230 locations in more than 40 countries.

Cognizant will support the company’s customers, partners, as well as its 70,000 employees through three key areas of technology operations: Multilingual IT Customer Service, Deskside and Dispatch Depot, as well as Application and Infrastructure Support. 

“We are excited to help drive exceptional customer, employee, and partner experiences at Nike by leveraging hyper-automation, AI, and process re-engineering,” Cognizant head of the retail industry business unit, Sushant Warikoo said.

“By bridging our retail industry and technology expertise together with our 14-year knowledge of Nike’s business, we are able to equip them with the advanced IT capabilities required to support their global growth and ensure seamless technology experiences for all.” 

As part of the new five-year agreement, Cognizant will assist Nike’s customers and employees with technical support. Cognizant will offer onsite and remote support across locations worldwide for resolving all hardware issues for employees, from laptops to work phones. In addition, through Level 1 and 2 support, Cognizant will provide engineering and backend solutions for Nike’s enterprise-wide applications, including mobile apps, computer software, and 

Cognizant is expected to deliver new self-service capabilities, improved service productivity, and significant cost savings.