Modibodi has awarded its annual global Game Changer Grant to two grantees: Interrelate in Australia and Règles Élémentaires in France.

The Modibodi Game Changer Grant provides funding to a range of initiatives, organisations and individuals that innovate and break the status quo, helping them develop work further and continue to make meaningful change.

Both 2024 grantees, Interrelate and Règles Élémentaires, identified the need to create impactful menstrual educational materials for students, teachers, and parents; designed to build a positive, confident, and empowering relationship between young girls and their menstrual cycle.

Modibodi head of sustainability and public affairs, Sarah Forde said, “At Modibodi, we want to work with partners who inspire and create something that changes the world. One of our core beliefs, as a brand, is that through education, we can break the taboos still held to this day around menstruation.

“As experts in educational information, Interrelate and Règles Élémentaires, identified the need to deliver menstrual education in a format that is simple for students to understand, using language that resonates with them and delivered through mediums that encourage honest conversations. A concept that at Modbodi we wholeheartedly embrace and endorse.”

Along with financial support, Game Changer Grantees receive knowledge sharing from Modibodi’s experts on areas that support their program.