Global technology Platform as a Service (PaaS) company, Marketplacer, has confirmed a new integration with leading Australian cloud point-of-sale system, Retail Express to help franchise and buying groups deliver a consistent omnichannel experience.

Each member of a franchise or buying group often uses different POS systems and own ecommerce store with different processes and user experiences. The Retail Express and Marketplacer integration allows members to connect into one unified ecommerce store and POS software solution.

Built on Marketplacer’s M Connectbridge, consumers can visit a single website, search for products, see real-time stock availability and prices in their local stores with revenue recognised by the local store or group member.

Marketplacer co-founder and executive chairman, Jason Wyatt said that with the Marketplacer and Retail Express ecosystems working together, users would have the technology foundation needed to support a multi-channel commerce strategy and faster growth.

“We are excited to be partnering with a like-minded Australian company in Retail Express to enable more local retailers the ability to access our platform and stand up a best-in-breed multichannel strategy quickly, without having to navigate the complexities of multiple systems that don’t talk to each other,” he said.

“This is as a great opportunity to grow the number of sellers connecting to Marketplacer while offering the full functionality of Retail Express. Franchise and buying groups can now expand their income streams faster, with greater ease, and more cost effectively than they otherwise would.”

Retail Express CEO, Aaron Blackman (pictured above) said the integration was a customer experience game-changer.

“Disparate software and siloed data are what hold retailers back, particularly member-based business models where each uses different POS systems and tries to create their own ecommerce store with different processes and user experiences,” he said.

“Through this integration, not only will our franchise and buying groups be able to provide the best in-store point-of-sale experience, but they can also drive more sales opportunities for each member with a better performing ecommerce store and where all users can update and track inventory seamlessly.

“It also generates valuable, unified customer data to inform smarter marketing and sales strategies.  Marketplacer’s technology is unparalleled, and we are excited to bring this new functionality to our customers.”

Feature image: Marketplacer co-founders, Jason Wyatt and Sam Salter.