Lenovo is rolling out its Retail Solutions portfolio in Australia and New Zealand, helping retail customers transform their services from end-to-end across the region.

The portfolio includes Lenovo’s flagship Self-Service Kiosk, as well as solutions for Mobility & e-Payment, Point of Sale solutions, Electrical Shelf Label (ESL), Store IT Services and Store Infrastructure Systems.

“Lenovo is always working to identify industry trends and adapt our solutions to match today’s consumer expectations and demands. Our Retail Solutions portfolio has been purpose-built to support the continued success of our customers in Australia and New Zealand as their businesses grow and evolve,” Lenovo Australia and New Zealand managing director, Matt Codrington said.

Lenovo’s Self-Service Kiosk is the only model of its kind currently on the market to feature a 24-inch multi-touch screen, capable of being deployed as a desktop, wall mount, or floor stand. Lenovo customers can also choose from a range of colours, with the additional option of zero-touch deployment.

Available across various tablet sizes that can be bundled with a bar code scanner, the Mobile & e-Payment offering supports a multitude of payment types with the ability to run across multiple OS platforms. Equipped with zero-touch integration, it allows customers to choose their preferred payment type.

Modular, all-in-one, mobile deployments, Lenovo’s Point of Sale solutions are fully customisable and available across both touch and non-touch formats while also being compatible with leading POS software formats

Lenovo’s ESL and Digital Signage solutions help drive customer engagement, enhancing in-aisle and end-cap conversions through in-store real-time promotion, integrated inventory and pricing systems, and dynamic pricing capabilities.