Digital services and consulting firm, Infosys has introduced a new platform, Infosys Equinox to help businesses deliver hyper-segmented, personalised omnichannel commerce experiences.

Businesses can choose out-of-the-box microservices and pre-built experiences to build curated digital journeys or launch it from the ground up in a matter of weeks.

Bringing together best-in-class service, product, platform and industry capabilities from Infosys and its partners, Infosys Equinox helps businesses transform marketing, merchandising, ecommerce, store operations, supply chain and customer service through four offerings: Infosys Equinox Microservices, Infosys Equinox Commerce, Infosys Equinox Experiences, and Infosys Equinox Marketing.

To facilitate closer consumer-brand interactions, Infosys Equinox enables brands to leverage social, chat, voice and augmented reality commerce channels, by blending digital and physical experiences.

Brands can create multi-sites adapted for multiple languages and currencies with localised features and real-time promotions using the platform’s business user tooling and workflows with no changes required to the application code or configuration.

The platform offers microservices that can integrate with an existing or new platform to deliver headless commerce capabilities. The ‘any cloud’ platform builds on leading open-source technologies and is designed for high performance, availability and security.

From perceptive experience design by WONGDOODY to optimised retail execution with Infosys TradeEdge, the platform puts the shopper at the centre of the commerce strategy by allowing businesses to deploy segment-specific user experience innovations on-demand.

Infosys executive vice president and global head of consumer, retail and logistics, Karmesh Vaswani said companies can’t afford to get into a ‘set it-forget it’ mode as the customer experience landscape continues to evolve.

“It will take embracing a human-centric approach to create distinctive shopping experiences that match the pulse of consumers. Infosys Equinox makes this less of a struggle. It offers commerce-as-a-service to engage with both B2B and B2C shoppers through one platform that has 50+ percent greater speed-to-market than any other solution when it comes to adding new microservices or starting a new commerce presence,” he said.

“Infosys Equinox provides the perfect balance between agility and adaptability and is a great way for leaders to cement their advantage and for challengers to up their commerce play.”