IKEA Australia has implemented a new round of price reductions on over 700 items, enabling customers to save up to 20% on a range of products from furniture to lighting, textiles, storage and more this year.

Acknowledging cost of living pressures, IKEA is working to increase the affordability of as many home furnishing items as possible in its product range – already dropping the prices of over 2,500 items in the past 12 months. Together with the new reductions, this makes a total commitment of $125 million in price reductions on over 3,000 items.  

The recent IKEA Life at Home Report notes that more than two in five (43%) Australians say their household finances and disposable income are a top concern, while over one-third (38%) are concerned for the current state of the economy in the country.  

“We know how tough Australians are doing, the cost of living and affordability is more important than ever as many Australians face rising costs and increased inflation,” IKEA Australia selling manager, Ainslie Woodham said.  

“Like most businesses, IKEA has not been immune to rising costs from supply chain and operations – however, as a business we’ve made a commitment to not pass these costs on where possible.”