Menopause Awareness Month, celebrated each October, was introduced to support women dealing with debilitating symptoms of menopause by opening the often ‘taboo’ conversation about women’s health.  

According to Wellfemme, eight in 10 (80%) Australian women will experience symptoms of menopause such as night sweats, hot flushes and light bladder leakage – with 50% of these experiencing severe symptoms – but only 15 to 20% managing their symptoms effectively.

For global absorbent apparel brand, Modibodi, giving women the tools to manage menopause symptoms comfortably is a crucial step in destigmatising the conversation surrounding women’s health. 

To help women feel cool and comfy, Modibodi has products dedicated to managing the symptoms of menopause, such as the T-Shirt Sleep Set, Sweat-Proof Bra and Moisture Wicking Underwear.

 The ModiCool T-Shirt Sleep Setis made from an organic cotton blend and features bio-based technology that rapidly absorbs sweat and cools skin for a better night’s sleep.  

The Modibodi Sweat-Proof Bracombines great shape with natural absorbency technology, helping regulate body temperature and absorb sweat. The design also features mouldable, full cups made from 39% biodegradable materials. 

The Modibodi Moisture Wicking Underwear is not only designed for periods and incontinence, but for general everyday wear. Absorbing sweat and keeping odour at bay, Modibodi’s moisture wicking underwear helps keep the wearer cool and dry in any situation. 

In addition to an extensive range dedicated to helping women live comfortably with menopause, Modibodi introduced paid leave for employees back in 2021.