The Hairhouse Foundation has raised over $21,000 for Ovarian Cancer Australia through initiatives such as their round-up purchase program.

In support of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, a special collaborative tote bag was launched to carry the change. The tote bag is available across all Hairhouse Australia stores and online for $5, the profits of which will go to Ovarian Cancer Australia.

Ovarian cancer, the deadliest female cancer in Australia with a 49% five-year survival rate, lacks adequate funding. Hairhouse and OCA aim to raise awareness, support women and families facing ovarian cancer, and generate funding for essential programs, covering care, resources, treatment and research.

There are approximately 1,800 diagnoses of ovarian cancer in Australia every year. The absence of an early detection test and vague symptoms like abdominal bloating, cramps, and bowel habit changes make early diagnosis difficult.

Hairhouse Group chief operating officer, Michael O’Connell said, “Cancer, in all of its forms, is a disease extremely close to our hearts at Hairhouse, having lost our co-founder Joseph Lattouf to a brain tumour in 2020.

“As a business with a predominantly female customer base that prides itself on empowering women to look and feel their best every day, we are proud to partner with Ovarian Cancer Australia in continuing to raise awareness and funding to support women facing ovarian cancer.”

Hairhouse, Australia’s largest employer of qualified hair stylists, with its robust network of over 100 stores, supports OCA’s 22-year legacy of assisting women and their families through their Teal Support Program and advocacy initiatives.  

Ovarian Cancer Australia chief of support and advocacy programs, Bridget Bradhurst said, “Over 1,100 women with ovarian cancer have been connected to their own ovarian cancer nurse specialist through our Teal Support Program, and we’re proud to work with partners like Hairhouse to drive change using their platforms to support our women.”

Together, they aim to empower and build confidence in women navigating hair loss. Providing expert hair advice and product recommendations as they adapt to changes in their hair due to cancer treatment.

Hairhouse customers can now round up their purchases to the nearest dollar, supporting Ovarian Cancer Australia.