Leading customer experience organisation, Probe CX is saving over 400 hours each month, or more than 2.6 full-time employees a year, as a result of moving to Freshservice workflow automation provided by software company, Freshworks.

Probe CX employs over 18,000 people and onboards approximately 500 more every month. The company receives up to 8,000 IT tickets per month with just 20 service desk IT staff supporting the entire business.

Probe CX has implemented Freshworks’s cloud-based IT service management (ITSM) software, Freshservice to automate and simplify workflows delivering prompt, streamlined outcomes for employees and clients.

Using Freshservice, 30% of employee IT requests have been automated, saving an average of five minutes per ticket, or 200 hours per month. The employee onboarding process has also been entirely automated, requiring a ‘zero-touch’ approach from IT and operations. This saves an additional 200 hours per month, resulting in combined average savings of over 400 hours per month. 

Prior to implementing Freshservice in 2018, Probe CX offered IT support to its then 1,500 employees through an internal ticketing system. Having grown tenfold since then, Freshservice has supported Probe CX through three mergers and acquisitions and continues to serve as a single repository for all IT service requests.

Probe CX chief technology officer, Rohan Khanna said,“We were looking for a partner that could provide us with seamless experiences, the capacity to handle large volumes of issues when needed, and an easy-to-use platform. Freshworks had recently launched Freshservice and it met all our needs from day one. From start to finish, any problem we encounter is managed through Freshworks as we customise the platform to fit Probe CX’s specific needs.”

Freshworks Australia and New Zealand director and country manager, Ben Pluznyk said, “We know that legacy software can feel like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole — that isn’t what modern businesses want or need.

“Freshservice provides Freshworks customers with a highly customisable, flexible, and scalable IT solution that powers automation and drives business transformation. We are looking forward to supporting Probe CX’s continued digital transformation and growth through our long-term relationship.”