Leading software company, Freshworks has unveiled a customer relationship management (CRM) built for the needs of start-ups that unifies customer support, sales and marketing teams.

Freshstack allows start-ups to personalise marketing for an enhanced omnichannel service at an affordable price that is easy to deploy and manage.

“Start-up founders should ensure that their developers are focused on building their core technology, not babysitting their CRM stack,” Freshworks founder and CEO, Girish Mathrubootham said.

“From day one, Freshworks has built products that democratise access to modern, easy-to-use software. Freshstack builds on that commitment by helping the titans of tomorrow get going faster today.”

Freshstack combines three Freshworks products: Freshdesk, an omnichannel customer support solution with context-driven forecasting and pipeline management; Freshsales, a unified sales intelligence solution, and Freshmarketer, marketing automation software that enables AI-driven lead generation, email personalisation and send optimisation.

Companies can get going with up to US$3,000 in credits for Freshstack, as part of the Freshworks Startup Program.