Forever 21 has engaged leading enterprise customer data platform (CDP), Amperity to maximise the value of its omnichannel customer data. Forever 21 will be able to provide more relevant, personalised customer experiences. reach more consumers, while enriching advertising campaigns through insights on cross-channel behavior, data science scores, and content affinities.

Forever 21 has customer data from both digital channels and offline transactions, and needed a comprehensive solution to bring together and manage disparate data sources. Through an Amperity-powered 360-degree unified view, Forever 21 can now unify, activate and acquire new as well as retain existing customers. 

Forever 21 chief marketing, digital and omni officer, Jacob Hawkins said, “The future of retail lies in how well a company understands the customer journey. Amperity enables us to create unified customer profiles and actionable insights we need to scale. The company’s best-in-class platform, in combination with its significant retail industry expertise, will help us continue to fuel our growth, deepen customer loyalty, and operate at the highest level of efficiency.”

With Amperity’s patented AI-powered technology, Forever 21 can use enterprise-scale identity resolution and audience segmentation to drive retargeting, lookalike and suppression campaigns.

Amperity CEO, Barry Padgett added, “Forever 21 is addressing the demands and expectations of the omni-channel shopper by tackling the massive challenge of unifying all of their digital and transactional data into a 360-degree customer view. With Amperity, Forever 21 will be able to deliver the level of excellence consumers expect from brands on a daily basis. We are proud to work with such a forward-thinking partner to help take its customer experience to the next level.”