Leading provider of a cloud-native distributed Order Management System (OMS), Fluent Commerce, has joined the Adobe Exchange Partner Program as a Premier Partner.

Designed to enable omnichannel order and inventory management at scale, Fluent Order Management provides efficiency and flexibility for both businesses and customers. In addition, Fluent Commerce has developed a connector that enables fast integration between Fluent Order Management and Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source.

“We are pleased that Adobe recognises the flexibility and fast time to market that Fluent Order Management offers its customers,” senior vice president for channel & alliances, Jamie Cairns said.

“With a global network of implementation partners experienced in Adobe Commerce, we look forward to assisting retailers and direct-sellers around the world to create innovative and differentiating customer experiences.”

Born in the cloud and architected from day one, Fluent Order Management has the feature richness of a traditional OMS with the flexibility of a true SaaS offering. This allows Fluent Commerce to serve an array of customer profiles in terms of size, complexity, and industry.

New and existing Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source customers will be able to adopt many omnichannel benefits including real-time sync of inventory, virtual inventory segmentation, in-store pick and pack web app, support for advanced sourcing logic, order routing and splitting, and safety stock buffers and real-time pre-checkout inventory queries.

According to Adobe senior director of global tech partners, Nik Shroff, offering customers the choice of a flexible platform like Fluent Order Management with the essential components needed to achieve a unified, headless commerce approach is critical.

“We look forward to continuing to work with Fluent Commerce to help retailers deliver exceptional experiences that build loyalty and grow revenue.”