Australian accessible luxury jewellery brand, by charlotte has introduced its new lab-grown diamond collection, In Bloom.

This release marks a significant milestone in by charlotte’s ongoing commitment to ethical practices and sustainability, offering customers accessible luxury jewellery that aligns with their values. Lab-grown diamonds begin as carbon seeds and transform into gemstones with identical physical and chemical properties as naturally mined diamonds.

The In Bloom collection encompasses necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings adorned with marquise-cut GH-SI lab-grown diamonds and natural freshwater pearls. These pieces are set in 14k solid gold by a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and SCS Global Services in Thailand.

According to Allied Market Research, the lab-grown diamond market is expected to more than double its 2021 value to $55.6 billion by 2031. In 2022, demand for lab-grown diamond jewellery increased by an estimated 38%, surpassing 10% of total global diamond jewellery sales for the first time, as reported by industry analyst, Paul Zimnisky.

by charlotte founder, Charlotte Blakeney said, “Our recent growth is a testament to our commitment to evolving with changing market trends and listening to our customers. We know that more than 70% of millennials prefer lab-grown diamonds over earth mined ones; they can purchase a larger sized diamond for the same price, and, more importantly, they value the ethical and environmental benefits.”