TikTok is a place where Australians come to connect with communities, be entertained, grow their business, and create and discover with people from around the world.

TikTok is celebrating its mission as it continues to inspire creativity and bring joy for more than 8.5 million Australians.

“It is truly our honour to be a home to such a diverse and growing community, which includes everyone from foodies, book lovers, educators, families and emerging musicians and more. In fact, nearly one third of the population spend time on TikTok, connecting with our local and global community of more than one billion people,” TikTok general manager of global business solutions, Brett Armstrong said.

“It isn’t just regular Australians enjoying TikTok for connection and entertainment. TikTok is also the preferred platform for over 350,000 businesses looking to find their community and harness it for real-world success.”

For example, Chebbo’s Burgers (NSW), founded by Ali Chebbani. Starting during Covid from his home kitchen, TikTok helped him find huge success (including over one million followers) and he has a food truck permanently stationed at Roselands and will soon open a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Marrickville.

Chefs & Dogs (ACT), founded by Courtney Willcox and Daniel Tomas, chefs by training and dog-parents to two kelpies, Joey and Alkai. When Joey was diagnosed with Lupus six years ago, the couple embarked on a holistic approach to their dog’s diet. Joey made a remarkable recovery, which led Courtney and Daniel to open Chefs & Dogs, a raw dog food delivery business that offers a range of healthy treats and supplements, servicing all of Australia. They use their 2.6 million strong TikTok following to spread awareness about pet nutrition.

Animal rescue sanctuary, Edgars Mission (VIC) has amassed a huge community of 1.9 million followers on TikTok. Following a number of videos going viral during the initial pandemic lockdowns, they use the platform to raise awareness of animal welfare, educate their community on their work and help their fundraising efforts.