A new online digital marketing course is helping fashion retailers gain more control and supercharge their sales by providing social media and digital marketing skills.

The course is being offered by Whola Scholar Conversion Academy, part of the greater Whola Scholar suite of education and upskilling workshops, courses and events.

Since its founding in 2020, Whola has helped fashion retailers harness the power of technology to automate and streamline the wholesale purchase process, which then prompted the idea of an academy for digital marketing.

“The entire Whola Scholar education series was born from my desire to make things easier and better for fashion retailers after witnessing, firsthand, the frustration ignited by a limited understanding of the digital marketing space and the associated perceived lack of control over their sales,” Whola founder, Alice Fitch (pictured) said.

“We are confident that, within three months of completing the Conversion Academy course, our graduates will have control of their sales, make significant use of online advertising and get the desired returns on their advertising spend.”

Whola has experienced double-digit growth over the past three years while serving around 5,000 retailers, 98% of which are female led, across Australia and internationally.

One of the course’s first participants, Kelly Waters of Mango’s Fashion Boutique in Mount Gambier, South Australia, welcomed the arrival of the online step-by-step education series, praising the material for its ability to lift the jargon-filled mystique surrounding digital marketing.

“We haven’t finished the course yet but are enjoying it so far. Having training that is specific to the platforms we use, like Shopify, has been great to make sure we are getting the most out of our online store,” she said.

“We will implement some new marketing strategies and are excited to see how they impact our sales. There are also marketing tips for our bricks-and-mortar store too. The support and tools of the Whola Scholar Conversion Academy have helped me and my business through these challenging times, so much so that I can now look to the future with greater confidence and less stress.”

Fitch engaged the expertise of award-winning digital media marketer, Sarah-Jayne Picton-King, whose company, King Pixel, has helped hundreds of businesses embrace digital marketing to drive sales.