Melbourne-based label specialist, Sticky Labels has optimised its digital operations by upgrading to the latest automated label production system – the Screen L350UV SAI Inkjet Series.

Sold and deployed by long-term partner, Jet Technologies, the latest SAI Series is an upgrade from the previously deployed Screen L350UV V1+ now featuring improved colour reproduction and scalability to benefit Sticky Labels’ range of FMCG customers.

The upgrade to the SAI will enable Sticky Labels to deliver high quality labels to customers at a faster rate, while also boosting operational productivity.

“Our first investment in the L350UV+ series gave us the platform we needed to meet our growth ambitions as a business, while optimising our digital printing capabilities and productivity during a time where demand was spiking due to Covid,” Sticky Labels managing director, Justine McEwan said.

“With this growth, it was only natural that we made the move to the latest SAI model – which will further streamline our digital capacity, with even better-quality finishes and the fastest production rates on the market.

“This upgraded digital label press supports our focus on delivering the best customer service, taking our business to a new level and enabling us to compete against larger players in the industry,” she added.

The latest Screen L350UV SAI Inkjet Series SAI supports printers to significantly increase turn-around speeds for digital printing jobs by automating the process. With its software generated ‘lead in, lead out’ and ‘reverse-feed’ function, the system also works to considerably lower ink and material waste, reducing overhead costs and improving sustainability standards within operations.

“The L350UV SAI Series’ ability to print on a diversity of local and imported materials has positioned it as one of the most innovative and efficient automated label production printers available today. Even more so, with improved productivity rates of up to 60% compared to the previous model, the SAI is one of the fastest solutions on the market, with the highest-quality results,” Jet Technologies sales director, David Reece said.

“We’re incredibly pleased to see Sticky Labels further its digital innovation by upgrading to this latest model.”