Pinterest should be top-of-mind for advertisers in the coming weeks, as they start to lock in Q3 and Q4 advertising campaigns to leverage events including Back to School, Diwali, Christmas, Boxing Day, the start of summer and New Years.

Australians are already starting to plan these seasonal moments and celebrations, meaning now is the time for brands to reach people while they’re in the festive planning mind-set.

Early industry forecasts are predicting a return to bricks-and-mortar shopping this year and with eight in 10 Australians saying Pinterest is a valuable complement to in-store shopping, advertisers will be looking to leverage Pinterest for an omnichannel holiday retail campaign.

For brands that want to meet Australians as they celebrate every moment in the coming months, Pinterest Australia sales manager, Carin Lee-Skelton has shared the following advice.

  1. Activate with more moments that matter – Advertisers need to target their campaigns accordingly. Last year, advertisers who activated across multiple moments saw a four times larger increase in conversion than advertisers who only activated for Christmas. Look at opportunities to target a variety of moments and meet Pinners across trending activities.
  2. Tap into Pinterest’s planners and start campaigns early – Nine out of 10 people on Pinterest use it for gift-giving ideas and they shop earlier, put more in their baskets and ultimately spend more (Source: TalkShoppe). Campaigns should target planners as they prepare – continue Idea Pins that offer gift-prep advice and marketing that specifically targets and rewards early birds. This year, holiday season ads are set to start even earlier so releasing campaigns and then rolling them out over the next six months will maximise exposure and ad spend.
  1. Don’t forget bricks-and-mortar stores – Use Pins as a virtual shopping basket, building excitement around the Back to School and holiday shopping experience and what’s on offer in-store.
  2. Focus on the gift-giver – Target campaigns to reach people looking for gifts across a range of trending categories, including teachers, teens, colleagues and best friends.
  3. Be inclusive and embrace all traditions – Pinterest insights show Pinners are 45% more likely to find new traditions to do this festive season and are 85% more likely to enjoy creating new Christmas traditions than non-Pinners. Look for campaigns that embrace the old and the unexpected.
  4. Diversify with more objectives across the funnel – Pinners experience multiple touchpoints across their purchase journey. Advertisers who adopt a multi-objective approach were 48% more likely to see an increase in sales per impression, compared to single-objective advertisers during last year’s holiday season. Look at diversifying campaigns to ensure they meet Pinners at every step of the potential purchase.