Product Experience Management (PXM) platform, Salsify has announced the Salsify PXM OpenAI Accelerator, enabling brands, retailers and distributors to expedite the creation of product content by tapping into Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Salsify customers can now give Generative AI a role in their product content process, directly inside the platform, saving organisations money and time. It also allows them to accelerate creative work to provide the best possible experience along the digital shelf.

Salsify partners are also able to extend the value of the OpenAI Accelerator for their customers, as part of Salsify’s partnership with Sitation, making Salsify the first PXM platform to be integrated into its new suite of Generative AI tools, RoughDraftPro.

RoughDraftPro can deliver high-quality long-form content directly into Salsify by pairing specially crafted AI prompts with trained data sets, allowing for the creation of product descriptions, feature bullets, and complex HTML output.

Sitation founder and CEO, Steve Engelbrecht said, “Recent advances in AI have opened the door to new capabilities for retailers, distributors, brands, and manufacturers selling online. We provide services around RoughDraftPro to design custom prompts for the client, ingest existing content to train the AI model on the brand voice, and map categories, brands, and channels into the content pipeline. Content creation supported by AI is a game changer, and we’re thrilled to bring our vision to life for Salsify customers in partnership with this extraordinary team.”

Salsify executive vice president of engineering, Adam Ferrari added, “Any Generative AI solution must integrate with the workflows that trigger human review and approval, or companies risk destroying consumer trust. Whether through the native AI integrations in our platform or value-added, targeted AI innovations from our valued partners like Sitation, Salsify customers can be assured they will achieve both scale and quality.”